0 added fragrances & dyes. Half the weight.*
Image of LightWeight Free & Clean™ Unscented Cat Litter
LightWeight Free & Clean™ Unscented Cat Litter
Product Overview

Tidy added all the tight-clumping, odor-fighting power of TidyLock Protection AND Ammonia Blocker technology to this unscented cat litter, but removed the dyes, fragrances and half the weight. How? Tidy innovation, and the odor-absorbing power of activated charcoal.

Available Sizes
  • 4 In 1 Size Jug Symbol

    6 lb and 8.5 lb resealable, recyclable plastic jugs

  • Resealable, recyclable plastic pails image

    12 lb and 17 lb resealable, recyclable plastic pails

Directions Step 1
Step 1

Pour to a depth of 3-4 inches

Directions Step 2
Step 2

Remove solids daily

Directions Step 3
Step 3

Add more litter to maintain a depth of 3-4 inches

Tidy Gives You More*

Tidy's strong on LightWeight. And Tidy gives you 40% more. That's 40% more litter with odor-fighting strength, absorbent power, and light and tight clumps. Whew! Tidy thinks that's a lot of good stuff in one jug.

Tidy Gives You More
*Volume per pound compared to competitive clay-based lightweight clumping litter
LightWeight Free & Clean™ Unscented Cat Litter
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To Tidy, this unscented zero is a hero—because even though it's free of fragrances or dyes, it combines the power of activated charcoal with guaranteed TidyLock Protection to lock away odor in tight, scoopable clumps.

Made with recycled paper and packaged in a recyclable bag (where facilities exist). That’s how Tidy does natural litter that’s good for your cat and for the planet.

Just like Yesterday’s News® Brand Original Formula, the Softer Texture variety is made from recycled paper. But Tidy added a fresh scent and softer texture pellets to this blend so it feels more like regular clay.