Disposable Litter Box by Tidy Cats Direct
Who doesn't love cleaning the litter box? Oh wait, everyone? Good, because Tidy Cats® Direct® delivers a disposable cat litter box pre-filled with up to 30 days of clumping Tidy LightWeight power, right to your door.
Image of Disposable Litter Box by Tidy Cats Direct

Disposable Litter Box by Tidy Cats Direct

Product Overview

30 days of Tidy's LightWeight cat litter, in a totally disposable litter box. No scrubbing. No kidding.

Meet Tidy Cats Direct

Say hello to NEW Tidy Cats Direct, and goodbye to scrubbing the litter box ever again - because it's delivered right to your door, pre-filled with Tidy's LightWeight 24/7 Performance cat litter, in a totally disposable box.

How To Use Tidy Direct

It's as easy as ope, scoop, toss, repeat. No, really.

Tidy Cats Direct Step 1

Remove the easy-open tear strip to reveal the Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance cat litter amazingness contained within. (2) Gently tear along both sides of the perforated top. (3) Keep tearing until you reach the FOLD LINE. (4) Fold the top under the box.

And seriously—don’t tear off that top. You’ll want that later. Promise.

Tidy Cats Direct Step 2 - How to Use - Scoop

From here, it’s smooth sailing on calm (24/7 LightWeight) cat litter seas. Just scoop as needed, and since it’s so easy, feel free to take a moment to bask in your own magnificence. Or that of your cat. Both are acceptable.

Tidy Cats Direct Step 3 - How to Use - Toss

Once you’ve used up the cat litter supply (up to 30 days on average), just fold the top back over (SEE? We told you you’d need it) and toss it out. Easy-peasy, cat-toy-squeezey (sorry, Tidy just gets excited about ease).

Tidy Cats Direct Step 4 - Repeat

Now that you’ve experienced the easy living of Tidy Cats Direct, you’ll want to keep the feeling going. So just hop online, reorder and let the scoopable clean come to you.

Disposable Litter Box by Tidy Cats Direct
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