Unscented Litter, Unbelievable Odor Control.

Free of dyes, free of fragrances, with the power of activated charcoal.



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What’s activated charcoal, you ask?

Made from coconut shells that have been super-heated to create millions of tiny pores in its surface and “activate” its odor-absorbing abilities. It's the same purifying ingredient that's been used in everything from water filters to beauty products. (Man, first cats, now coconuts. Mother Nature really knows what she's doing.)

How Does Activated Charcoal Work
How does activated charcoal work?

Thanks to those pores, there's more space in the charcoal to trap odor molecules, which creates a completely smell-free experience. In fact, just 1 lb. of activated charcoal has the stink-sucking surface area of 75 football fields. Meaning? It controls odor so well, it doesn’t make sense. Or scents.

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Free of fragrances, free of dyes, free of compromise.

With no added dyes or fragrances, Free & Clean is Tidy’s very first unscented litter. And—thanks to the power of activated charcoal, combined with Tidy’s tight, scoopable clumps—there is no compromise when it comes to keeping your home smelling, well, just like home. Put simply: It’s everything you want, nothing you don’t.

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Unscented litter? It’s not just for humans…

Cats are digging Free & Clean Unscented, too. But in case your cat has lost its phone privileges, check out the ratings and reviews to see why people agree that no scents makes sense.

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No Scents Makes Sense

Looking for more unscented products? Tidy's got you covered.

To Tidy, this unscented zero is a hero—because even though it's free of fragrances or dyes, it combines the power of activated charcoal with guaranteed TidyLock Protection to lock away odor in tight, scoopable clumps.

Tidy added all the tight-clumping, odor-fighting power of TidyLock Protection AND Ammonia Blocker technology to this unscented cat litter, but removed the dyes, fragrances and half the weight. How? Tidy innovation, and the odor-absorbing power of activated charcoal.