Litter Problems

Curious how to clean cat pee and take care of odors? Take cat accidents one step at a time with our 3-Step Cleaning Guide and Keep Home Smelling Like Home™.
Learn how to find cat pee and smells around your home. It may seem hard, but we have a secret weapon to help you find where the cat pee smells are coming from.
Cats spray for a variety of different reasons, and this behavior is connected to their natural instincts. Learn more about why cats spray and how to control it.
Some cats have a natural instinct to dig & cats tracking litter around the house cause a big mess. Reduce the mess with litter box tips & advice from Tidy!
A cat may stop burying poop for a number of different reasons. Learn why cats stop burying waste, and find more litter box tips & advice from Tidy!
Learn why cats scratch in or around the litter box. Excessive scratching might mean your cat is trying to tell you something, so find what it could be!
Sleeping in the litter box or other changes in your cat's behavior might mean it's for a trip to the vet. Learn more about why cats do this & how to correct it.
Territorial cat behavior can be common litter box problem for multi-cat homes. Help your cats get along with helpful litter boxes tips & advice from Tidy Cats!
The reason your cat isn't using the litter box could be related to stress. Learn about reasons for cat stress and how to help your cat deal with changes.
Changes in your cats litter box behavior could be a sign of illness. If your cat has stopped using their litter box you might want to setup a visit with a vet.