Litter Basics

What are the concerns with litter box and pregnancy? Is it safe to change cat litter during pregnancy? What is toxoplasmosis? Learn more about litter safety!
Introducing a new cat to the mix? Prepare your home and family by knowing what types of behaviors to expect when new cats are introduced to your home.
Be prepared on how to care for your elderly cat by knowing what behavioral and physical changes to look for during middle years & later life stages.
Thinking about switching cat litter? Make the transition less stressful for your cat and avoid problems with Tidy's advice & tips on a gradual transition.

When it comes to keeping your cat’s box nice and clean, Tidy’s got the scoop.

Learn the basics on how to litter train a kitten and what supplies you'll need. And, get other useful litter box tips & advice with our new cat owner guide.
Learn these top indoor cat tips so you can enhance your home for your cat. Keep your indoor cat happy, healthy, & their instincts sharp with Tidy's tips!
Check out our new cat owner cat litter guide to answer all your questions on kitty and cat litter. Keep your cat happy with Tidy litter box tips and advice!
Learn how to clean a litter box as well as when to scoop, refill, replace, the litter in your cat's litter box so you can have a happy cat and control odor.
Find out how many litter boxes per cat you need whether you have one cat, 2 cats, or multiple cats. Avoid litter box problems with Tidy tips and advice!
Your cat likes privacy, so when finding the perfect location place the litter box in a quiet, low-traffic & well-lit area that’s easy for you & your cat.