We are a Pet Company

We are a Pet Company hero

Some litter brands only make litter. Some also make cleaning products. But Tidy isn't just about litter, or just about keeping your home smelling clean. Because Tidy is a part of Purina, Tidy is a pet company. Here are some ways Tidy and Purina are making a difference:

  • Invested over $30,000,000 companywide in pet welfare and pet communities to help pet owners across the country.
  • Worked with over 150 shelters to provide free pet adoptions for thousands of senior citizens.
  • Started the Rally to Rescue® network of ambassadors and has helped over 500,000 dogs and cats find homes.

With millions of dollars raised, thousands of animals helped, and a daily commitment to pets everywhere, the happiness and health of your pet is more than just Tidy's goal. It's Tidy's passion.

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