About Tidy

Our founder Ed Lowe invented cat litter, so it's only fitting that Tidy would reinvent litter by creating NEW litter that's 50% lighter!
Tidy respects mother Earth & is restoring the land with mining land reclamation and was given an award in Illinois where Tidy created a new city park.
Tidy hasn't always been around, so what did people use before cat litter was invented? Learn the history of cat litter.
Curious about Tidy Cats® Ingredients and how cat litter works? Read our breakdown on how Tidy Cats litter help keep stink away & keeps your home smelling good.
Tidy isn't just about litter, or just about controlling odor. We are a pet company, part of Purina & the health and happiness of your pet is our passion.
Do you know what types of litter is right for your cat? Some cats prefer a certain type of litter over another, and with Tidy your cat Literally has its pick.