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Tidy spent so much time researching the TidyLock Guarantee, there wasn't any time to research Stank Face. But whoever said science was an exact science?* *Science said it. Trust the TidyLock Guarantee, not so much the information below. Watery Eyes Feeling like you've lost control of your face Crinkled Nose Curled Lip Contorted Mouth Involuntary Gagging of Stank You don't have to live with Stank Face to be affected by it. Just take a look at some of the latest facts and statistics Tidy created, all based on zero real information: of Stank $100,473,042 Reported yearly productivity lost by those feeling "too bummed out" by Stank Face to work.* *Research conducted by cats. Increase in visits to homes of those cured of Stank by TidyLock.* Impromptu invitations for Stank Face sufferers to join pictures.* *Conducted by cats, but different ones from the last group. 100 Chance that this pie chart doesn't mean anything. 100 Of Cats who could still recognize an owner with Stank Face (based on # of surveys returned*). *Zero surveys were returned from pool of 100,000 cats. 100 Of TidyLock formula that is New and Improved.
Having a face clear of Stank is possible. But don't take Tidy's word for it ‐ take it from the words Tidy wrote next to these stock images of real people.
Martha S., Spokane, WA.

My face was a garbage fire. But now? I'm the selfie queen of Instagram. Thanks, TidyLock.

Martha S., 65,

Spokane, WA.

Deborah L., Houston, TX.

TidyLock gave me back my face, and my life.

Deborah L., 25,

Houston, TX.

Angela P., Columbus, OH.

Children used to run screaming from me. Not anymore.

Angela P., 31,

Columbus, OH.

Angela N., Park Place, UT.

When I had Stank Face, I used to smash my friend's cameras when they'd take a photo of me. Now, I don't have many friends left, but I did get my face back. Thanks, TidyLock.

Angela N., 27,

Park Place, UT

Peggy L., Wooster, MA.

When I had my Stank Face, it put my social life on hold. I was afraid to invite anyone over, for fear that it could spread to someone I care about. But thanks to TidyLock? I'm living out loud. Ring-ring, hello? Oh yes, I AM back, social life!

Peggy L., 31,

Wooster, MA.

Douglas L., St. Louis, MO.

I used to get Stank Face every time I breathed. But now? Nothing but sighs of relief.

Douglas L., 33,

St. Louis, MO.